1-     Greenhouse Capacity: Region has high Greenhouse Capacity by having geothermal resources.

2-     High Production of Some Agricultural Products: Mass production of some agricultural products such as pumpkin, potatoes and grapes and investment opportunities of this kind of products.

3-     Natural Cold Storages: Having natural cold storages contributes the logistic potential of region.

4-     Well Developed Air Transportation Facilities: There are 2 airports in the region. Closest one is 30km to city center and other one 90km away.

5-     Diversity of Tourism: Nevşehir region offers different tourism options such as natural, cultural, faith, hot air balloon, biking, cave hotels, thermal and health. Cappadocia attracks film makers since it is like natural movie plateau with its mysterious and fantastic image. Many Turkish and international movies, series  and documentaries were filmed in Cappadocia.

6-     4th Most Visited Tourism Destination in Turkey: Every year average 3 million local and foreign tourists visit Cappadocia.

7-     Location: Since Cappadocia is in the center of Turkey, the Region has an easy access to other cities trough highways. Nevşehir will also be on the route of railway with the ongoing project of Kayseri- Nevşehir railway.

8-     Organized Industrial Zone: Having an organized industrial zone 10 km away from the city center and right next to the highway. Investors can get opportunities of allocation an investment location with extra incentives given by Ministry of Economy in organized industrial zone.

9-     Incentives: The region is one of the Culture and Tourism Protection and Development Regions, for this reason Ministry of Economy gives regional incentives whoever wants to make investment.

10-       Investors: Big investors like Dedeman, Double Tree By Hilton, Ramada and Anemon have already invested in the region or they will make investment in near future.